finding souls

This piece is dedicated to the children who lose their lives to preventable causes. 

The purpose is to raise awareness to the issue as well as help some of those children.



Art Fields 2019 exhibition from April 26th-May4th.


ArtPrize 2018 September 16-October 4th Top 25 in Time based category

“In 2018, 1,260+ works created by 1,400+ artists from 41 states and 40 countries will be exhibited in 165+ venues.”


How We Can Help


Like the hundreds of squares in my piece, there are hundreds of organizations doing great things.  Compassion575 uses 100% of their donations go to help build schools in South Asia. South Asia is one of the leading locations of the world highest childhood death populations.  The schools that Compassion575 builds provides a meal each day for the children, which has helped the lives of many immensely.


Dave Argabright in Sri Lanka


Filter of Hope is dedicated to providing fresh water to everyone.  Their filters are pretty spectacular.  92% of their donations go to creating the filters (the 8% is for mission trips and extra help) but if you specifically ask to donate for the filter production part of their organization, they donate 100% for that part.  


Check out their Financial Information

3.Sanitation/Prenatal care

DriButts is all about keeping babies clean.  They create cloth diapers out of a dry fit material that is easier to dry, and is expandable for growing children.  They teach mothers how to keep babies clean.  In some parts of the world, some people don't know what diapers are.  Dributts is also working on building a medical center in Cruz Alta, Honduras.  83% of the donations go to providing education, creating and shipping diapers, as well as building a medical center.


month 10

One of the 576 canvas’ used to compose the installation

One of the 576 canvas’ used to compose the installation

This is the composition in it’s full form 8’x8’

This is the composition in it’s full form 8’x8’


This piece was also on display in Grand Rapids Michigan for Art prize 2018. "ArtPrize is recognized as the most-attended public art event on the planet according to The Art Newspaper,[3] and was recently highlighted in The New York Times’ 52 Places To Go in 2016.[4]."(Artprize, 2018).

Art Prize runs from September 19th-October 7th

This piece made Top 25 for ArtPrize 10 public vote’s Time-Based Category


Month 9


month 7/8


month 6


Month 6 was the turning point.  I have a clearer sense of size, layout and installation. These 4" canvas' will be mounted with furring strips and velcro.  Credits to Tommy Fox @shaddowfoxx for the professional advice and photos.

month 5


details of month 5


month 4


Month 3


Month 2

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Month 1